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Copied from the Wikipedia page “List of historical societies”.

This is a partial List of historical and heritage societies from around the world - and will never be complete. The sections provided are not mutually exclusive. A number of historical societies have associated museums - for the purposes of this wiki it may be practical to have one page for the two, or two separate pages.

Please feel free to add as appropriate. When a particular section gets too long, a separate page, linked from here, should be created.

International Societies Edit

Australia Societies Edit

National societies Edit

State and Territory societies Edit

Australian Capital Territory Edit

New South Wales Edit

Northern Territory Edit

Queensland Edit

South Australia Edit

Tasmania Edit

Victoria Edit

Western Australia Edit

Canada societies Edit

Provincial and territorial societies Edit

New Brunswick Edit

Newfoundland and Labrador Edit

Northwest Territories Edit

Northwest TerritoriesEdit

Ontario Edit

Prince Edward Island Edit

  • P.E.I. Scottish Settlers Historical Society (1)

Saskatchewan Edit

Ireland societies Edit

Mexico societies Edit

Pakistan societies Edit

Poland societies Edit

Saudi Arabia societiesEdit

Historical Saudi Historical Society

Turkey societies Edit

United Kingdom societies Edit

National societies Edit

Regional and local societies Edit

More can be found here [1]

United States societies Edit

National societies Edit

State societies Edit

See also List of U.S. state historical societies and museums

Territorial societies Edit

Federal District societiesEdit

Local societies Edit

Alabama Edit

California Edit

Colorado Edit

Connecticut Edit


Florida Edit

Georgia Edit

Idaho Edit

Illinois Edit

Indiana Edit

Due to the length of the list see List of Indiana local history societies

Iowa Edit

Kansas Edit

Kentucky Edit

Maine Edit

Maryland Edit

Massachusetts Edit


Minnesota Edit

Missouri Edit

Nebraska Edit

New Hampshire Edit

New Jersey Edit

New Mexico Edit

New York Edit

North Carolina Edit

Ohio Edit

Oklahoma Edit

Oregon Edit

Pennsylvania Edit

Rhode Island Edit

South Carolina Edit

Tennessee Edit

Texas Edit

Utah Edit

Virginia Edit

Washington Edit


Aviation historical societies Edit

United States Edit

Other countries Edit

Denominational societies Edit

Time-period oriented societies Edit

United States Edit

Other historical societies Edit


India Edit

United Kingdom Edit

United States Edit

Other countriesEdit

(1) Societies which are not readily discoverable on the web. Further research is necessary: information welcome.

References Edit

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