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A place to publish your local history. For example,

Water of New Hope

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Researching the history of your property or neighborhood? Here's a place where you can share your work, and collaborate if you wish to.

What is welcome here:

Articles in the following fields:

  • Details of archives, record offices and similar organisations.
  • Local government - structure, administrative bodies and members thereof etc.
  • How to research particular types of local history and microhistory.
  • Reference materials.
  • Lists of local history and similar societies, wikis, etc, covering a particular area, country, field of interest or timeperiod, with links to relevant websites. If it is not yet described here - add it.
  • Developing chronologies and other materials, such as Timeline of government archives.
  • Particular lines of research - or a brief overview with a link to a website with more detail.

Anything else that can be reasonably defined as 'history in the small but not purely genealogical.'

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