This list is for 'any and all' local history-related wikis - until there are sufficient wikis in a particular category to create a separate page. By its nature it is unlikely to ever be complete - and wikis and websites tend to disappear.

The Wikipedia local history category is [1]

Listed wikis which have ceased should be so noted (and, if the wiki name was different this should be listed), rather than deleted.

For particular cities go to City wikis

Wikia and other wikis have been set up for most countries and a number of organisations.

  • Churches of Rome [2]
  • Colerado Narrow Gauge Railways [3] - some tidying up of IPs contributions required.
  • Fargo-Moorhead Theatre Wiki‏‎ [4]
  • Gurdwara Singh Sahba Dhada Khurd Wiki - wiki no longer extant


  • Australian Labor history [5]
  • Wagga Wagga [6]

British IslesEdit

  • England, Scotland (needs some cleanup), Wales (as [7] - the Wales wikia has been decommissioned) and Ireland Wikis on Wikia. There are no wikis for Northern Ireland, Channel Islands the Isle of Man and Isle of Wight.

Shetland Islands Wiki (Shetlopedia) [8].

General topicsEdit

Wikihow articles include

  • How to Analyze a Historical Document [9].
  • Local Governance Systems for DRR [10]

The Wikipedia page is [11]

This is a list of local history wikis that are not City Wikis.

  • Alexandrina, Australia [12]
  • Bloomington Indiana, United States [13]
  • Brandt [14]
  • Leeds [15]
  • Wagga Wagga, New Zealand [16]
  • Florence [17]
  • King Island amusement park [18]
  • Queen's Road Allotments [19]
  • Washington County, Pennsylvania [20].

Non Wikia wikisEdit

A hosting service is here [21].

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